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I love my city! In spite of its areas of opportunity and because of them, and most importantly because... It's MY city. I love the energy that I see brewing and on the cusp of bubbling. A revival is approaching. I'm sad if you don't see it, but hope you wake up and take notice.

A good brother named Khan (@juliankhan) has captured the spirit of this evolving movement in Cleveland. His releases allow clients to exude 216 pride with taste and in comfort.

I got mine, so I'm not just talking about it, certainly being about it as well.

Cleveland Over Everything is the brand, also on IG FB and all that jazz.



This movement is real, be an intentional participant by reflecting support and positive vibes about the LAND. Share this with the like & open minded.


Bianca Michelle





So I think I will sporadically provide a word of the day to the site. The intention of the word of the day is certainly to expand our collective vocabulary, but it will also serve as a means to use that new word in a sentence to describe a current circumstance or annoyance. Lol


Anyone who knows me knows that I get my rocks off from telling someone off or checking them in an articulate and concise manner. It's so much more impactfull and entertaining to deliver a message that way and watch the reactions! Ohhh I chuckle at the thought!

So today's word of the day: bedraggle

That sentence is so accurate in the picture. I'm over allowing others to soil my positive energy & glow with their negative vibe. Negativity is contagious so keep your ass away from me G!

Bedraggle ... Use it, add it to your vocab roster! And don't let others bedraggle your vibe, space, or overall energy.

Stay focused, stay blessed beautiful people.


Bianca Michelle



Video shoot my G!

Finally... Finally got with the Fam Keemo to get a video done! Just a quick You Tube joint, but more to come for sure!

It's amazing how God blesses us with family that blesses Us! My circle tight, strong and focused.



©2013 Bianca Michelle


"They say summer's over, I'm still got as hell/actions speak LOUD so ain't hard to tell/my aim is 2 succeed, surpass, excel/ beyond my own expectations so in the #clouds I dwell...."


© Bianca Michelle 2013



Will be writing about this....



Check out Ari Lenoxx if you haven't already listened.




Check out this video on YouTube:

The boy Macklemore was uber exposed in this clip! This is a prime example of why I love music and the power it contains. Music, good music, allows... No no entices the listener to seriously understand the Truth of the artist. Good artists, in my opinion tell a story, convey emotion, and use music to compliment the intended purpose.

After watching this clip and hearing this man express his Truth, I immediately thanked God for bringing me through it! And I mean bringing me through it!! In maturity I'm learning that with faith all things are possible. But I've also learned that even in those moments when I've set my faith down, he never left me. So it's not really faith alone that makes the possible infinite. I believe, and it was confirmed today from the message at service and through the messages my spirit received today, that with God all things are possible.

Now I am no preacher. Just a woman trying to grow into a Queen and a creative learning to be a Poet. Preacher or not, I'm confident when I say that without God covering me I couldn't have come out of that storm or escaped the cloud of dark & grim that plagued me.

I'm so grateful and never too proud but forever humbled and filled with joy when I rejoice and say





Stay focused Stay blessed

©2013 Bianca Michelle



    Outside  of my notebook and the studio, this is where I will share my true thoughts. I'm likely to talk about a lot of random things. Some insightful, some funny and some just random. Enjoy the reads and listens. I'm glad you are here with me on this journey as I grow as a poet. SFSB.


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